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systems of loops, which are more complex on the thumb than on the other digits.
The back of the hand is hairy. The back of the thumb is hairless, and the penultimate phalanges of the other digits, which have callous skin, are likewise devoid of hairs. The proximal phalanges are hairy in the ig animal and the terminal phalanges become hairy
FIG. 20s.—The foot of the Chimpanzee (C) and Gorilla (D) showing the flexure grooves and papillary ridges.
in fully adult specimens,    During progression the backs of the fingers are applied to the ground.
The foot, like the hand, approximates to that of Man in the relative proportions of length and width (fig. 20). The digital formula resembles that of the hand. The hallus is small, and the toes are greatly involved in a web. The primitive pads are slightly developed on the